This construction kit is rapidly transformed into a low-cost, modular and highly flexible system for the painting of both single and standard parts.

The innovative concept also supports any subsequent extension by individual modules and/or existing module upgrades. Currently start-up costs for a system of this type (robot up to a 3.5 kg load, gravity cup guns, no ex-proof protection) upwards of approx. 60T€ have been calculated.

Precision adjustment to client requirements permits the space required/exhaust air flow rate (upwards of approx. 1500 m³/h) and the associated energy costs to be limited to what is absolutely necessary.

A central unit controls all the modules. This does away with costs arising for several individual control systems and an additional networking-induced outlay. Furthermore, trouble-shooting is simplified and solely concentrated on a single supplier. Delivery of a compete machine with CE marking can largely avoid, for instance, time and cost-intensive, on-site certifications, the drafting of operating instructions and risk assessments.

Various robot sizes from approx.
1 kg to 50 kg

ATEX Zone 1 or Zone 2

Total CE Statement of Conformity

Integrated object safety equipment
(fire extinguishing system)
Tried-and-tested technology

Gravity cups

Pressure tanks

Diaphragm pumps

Cog wheel dosing pumps

Multiple pumps with paint changer

2C mixer

Rapid-action flushing system for paint lines with flushing residue collection

vacuum gripper

Mechanical gripper

Swivel and rotary fixtures

Workpiece masking
Manual or fully automatic charging/removal of the workpieces

Withdrawal and storing in packages (boxes, crates etc.)

Control of feed and removing belts and
the like.
Pneumatic atomizer


Oerter atomizer rapid change system, manual or automatic

Rotating holder for several atomizers
Safety/shutdown equipment

Spray booth/extractor wall upwards of approx. 1 m² of extracting surface

Exhaust air monitoring

Exhaust air control

Set value specification and logging of climatic data

This concept provides for an extremely flexible fully automatic painting system which is easily adaptable to client-specific requirements. On the one hand, it allows single parts, such as test panels or shapes, to be painted and, on the other, the coating in batches of small to medium-sized components.