Thus comes about a fully automatic painting system - at the highest development stage - for any 3D objects complete with automatic workpiece supply and removal.

Painting can be undertaken with pneumatic atomizers and/or electrostatic HR atomizers which are suppliable with coating materials via a complex paint supply e.g. with 2C mixers. Time-saving, automatic cleaning of the workpiece holder or masks/templates of the workpieces for sharp-edged painting poses no problems at all. Furthermore, combination with an appropriate extractor wall/spray booth, which is also incorporated into the overall concept, makes it possible to supply a total system as a complete machine/with CE statement of conformity.

The compact, space-saving construction enables, moreover, the electrical control components to be fitted into a special-purpose switching housing which - together with the robot - is combined in an overpressure encapsulation. As a result, explosion protection for ATEX Zone 1 or 2 is assured from the use of standard components involving a low level of outlay. This ensures that painting jobs are approached in a low-cost, efficient and pioneering manner.

Operating and programming is done from a control panel with touch monitor of a suitable size and is set up externally to the ex. or hazard zone. As such, the operator can check at any time on the ongoing state of the total system, painting progress and the individual painting parameters. Varying user levels ensure that individual functionalities are only cleared by those users with due entitlement.

In the control system individual painting parameters with movement programmes are linked to painting programmes and saved there. This enables the system to rapidly adapt to differing workpieces and paints etc.